Thursday, April 10

easter succulents

last weekend i started making favors for our easter party. i dipped dyed the eggs with a bit of a watercolor effect and filling them with succulents.

Monday, March 31

massimo vitali look a-likes

after a lot of googling i found some pretty good stand-ins for the oversize art that i was lusting after in last weeks post. i was actually surprised that there wasn't more out there, but i found a couple pretty good options. 

i think this is my favorite of the look-alikes i found. it's by ingz on

the thing that is so special about the originals by massimo vitali  and gray malin  is the large format. at only 28" x 20" this is comparably tiny. i think with the right framing--a large mat and modern blond wood frame,  one could create the same feeling, and still have visual impact

another one from society6, by kimberly blok. i found this same seller on etsy but for quite a bit more money. there are quite a few photography sellers on etsy, but most of them have instagram-like filters (which is not the look i was going for )

i actually came across some photos i liked which have nothing to do with the beach theme, so i'm off to do some measuring :) 

Tuesday, March 18

oversize photographs

leanne citrone's entry from domino magazine (print version) 

i've been loving the look of large scale art pieces for a while (the pic below from elle decor was one of the first i noticed) but lately it's becoming an all out obsession. i think it has to do with my desire to pare down--i don't want so much stuff--even on my walls. the picture of the massimo vitali (above) just sent me over the edge. everything about that room is perfection to me. 
can you imagine the cost of framing? i have a few diy ideas, but in the meantime i'm off to scour the internets for budget friendly versions...

 a max wanger print in bri emery's dining room. from her blog, designlovefest

a london townhouse from elle decor

the images i'm drawn to the most have people in them, i think one would not get tired of looking at them over and over. plus, all the pretty colors! if i ever win the lottery i have my eye on this gray malin of cinque-terre

Thursday, January 16

new year, new blog

When Monica  and I started Makers Social the idea was to share stories, knowledge and things that we found interesting. The blog was always a means to an end-mainly building a community before opening the physical space of Makers Social. As someone who is so driven by visuals I have found it hard to grow the blog without having the look and style I wanted. In a sense I was embarrassed by it. I didn’t want to share something that didn’t fit my aesthetic. Do you do this too? I tend to get so pre-occupied by the end product (or the whole) that I cannot focus on the initial steps it takes to get there, not to mention my lack of graphic design skills. So, slowly the blog is taking shape, changing, and growing. I’m still committed to growing a community and highlighting projects from other creatives in this little corner of the internet, but also going to focus more on personal stories and experiences. 
One of my goals for the New Year is to make the content on here as original as possible, especially the photography. This is already proving difficult! but I feel why regurgitate information that can be found all over when I have the ability to produce my own, unique, content. Whether or not I tap into that ability remains to be seen :)  

Monday, November 25

MAKE Shirt Mine!

LOVE this limited edition t-shirt by Mary Cook.  Makers Unite! 

Mary is an inspiring Brooklyn-based artist and writer, and she has contributed to this very blog.

If you happen to be in Brooklyn area- check out her 'MAKE' opening:
Friday December 13, 2013 at the Yashar Gallery | 276 Greenpoint Ave

And if you're in Amsterdam this weekend, she will have original collages for sale at the Sunday Salon 'Works on Paper' show.  Invite only- RSVP here.

Buy shirt here.  See more of Mary's art here.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 15


i'm crazy excited about this new iPad app called Makr. it was developed in collaboration with illustrator Katie Evans for small businesses, DIY'rs, and Makers to design and produce small branding packages. products can be printed at home or sent away to be printed. it looks so comprehensive! i cant wait to play around with the Makr app.

right now they are also doing a giveaway, so check out Katie's post for ways to enter.

photo Katie Evans 

and while you're on pinterest, follow me at makers social 

Monday, November 4

skull teapots

i've had a thing for skulls for ages, but recently they're just popping up in the most obvious and boring ways. my favorite way to see them has always been in unexpected places; like the back of a sweater, or on dinner plates...these teapots hit every mark! i am smitten.

they are from australian etsy store DirieDirieMe. this series of teapots is being described in the delftware tradition, and a nod to traditional dutch design. the amount of tea that i drink just might make the price worth it...

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